POS Hardware Guide: Which POS Equipment Is Best For Your Cafes?

Nowadays, coffee shops may be one of the fastest-growing businesses. In addition to making sure the good tastes of your coffee, delivering the best serving experience to customers is also of great importance. Therefore, POS terminals play a crucial part in making your cafes stand out. If you are considering opening a coffee shop, please don’t rush in making any decisions before taking a look at this cafe POS hardware guide.

POS hardware equipment cafe

Before you start selecting POS hardware, you need to clear your expectations for the features of POS hardware, and then you are more likely to find the POS hardware that works best for you.

Touchscreen monitor

The display is a must of POS hardware, whose size also decides the size of the POS terminal. It is important for you to consider how much space is available for your cash register. Most coffee shops have narrow checkout counters, so a small-size and unobtrusive POS terminal might fit in better with the cafe environment.

POS hardware equipment cafe

Customer-facing display

A customer-facing display, which is also named a secondary display, helps improve customers’ checkout experience by showing items and order details. Besides, a secondary display makes it easier for customers to confirm bills and make payments. Though a customer-facing display offers a better checkout experience for customers, it’s not a must for every coffee shop to introduce a dual-display cash register, especially for coffee shops on a tight budget.

Receipt printer

Most coffee shops have a great demand for receipt printing. There are two choices for a cafe owner to realize the printing function, respectively selecting a POS terminal with a built-in printer and purchasing an external printer. As digital payment and electronic billing become more popular, many customers think receipts are not necessary. For a start-up coffee shop, the owner can purchase a POS terminal not supporting printing first and introduce an external printer when receipt printing is needed.

Cash drawer

If your cafe serves customers who used to pay in cash, a cash drawer may help you better manage the cash. In contrast, if there are few customers paying in cash, there is no need for a cafe owner to add the cash drawer to the shopping list.

When you know what you want, it’s time for you to pick the POS hardware.

The POS terminals launched by Telpo adopt modular design, which satisfies all your needs to the greatest extent possible. Telpo also offers a wide range of POS terminals available for cafe owners to choose from.

Telpo C11, 10.1-inch Point of Sale

Telpo C11 is a small-size POS with a compact and stylish appearance, which can fit perfectly into the decor of coffee shops.

POS hardware equipment cafe


🔸Android 12 OS & 8 + 128GB memory

🔸10.1-inch touchscreen, about the size of 3 cell phones

🔸Multi-angle rotary hinge, making sure every user can enjoy the best experience

🔸75mm*75mm VESA bracket: small footprint provides a clutter-free workplace

🔸Rich ports: USB interfaces, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, Audio Jack

Telpo C2, Small-footprint Point of Sale terminal

Telpo C2 is a dual-screen multifunctional desktop POS that takes up little desktop space. With a built-in printer, Telpo C2 can satisfy the needs of receipt printing without connecting an external printer.

POS hardware equipment


🔸Up to Android 12 OS, quad-core 2.0GHz or above processor

🔸Rich screen options: single screen, 15.6” + 15.6”, 15.6” + 10.1”

🔸Built-in Seiko thermal printer: 80mm paper roll wide, 200mm/s printing speed

🔸Rich Interfaces: 4 USB, 1 Micro USB, 1 DB9(RS232), 1 RJ12, 1 RJ45, 1 Audio Jack, 1DC port

🔸Hidden cable management

As a smart terminal and solution provider, Telpo has more than 20 years of customization experience. Telpo has a perfect customization process to meet all demands of customers. Telpo’s POS terminals have served customers from 120+ countries and won recognition. Telpo has the confidence to be a cooperative partner to boost your business. Welcome to contact us for more details.

POS hardware equipment

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