TelpoOS 2.0

Smart Operation, Personalized Customization
Unlock a New Era of Intelligent Systems

Modular Deployment

Compatible with more platforms

Build systems

Deploy across a broader range of products

Modular Deployment

System components modularized,
efficiently building the system


System components modularized, efficiently building the system

UI Refresh

Brand new desktop, logo, and

Device Management

Self-diagnosis of devices, capturing anomalies

Production Optimization

FCT & automated production test

Unified OS-API Interface

Break the barriers of equipment and systems to facilitate customization solutions

Equipment Management

Equipment self-check, abnormal capture, ensuring
the normal use of equipment

All Done At Once

Unified development interface, high-efficient module debugging

43.8% ⬆️


in FCT efficiency

21.7% ⬆️


in automated production
and measurement

Brilliant For Each Interface

New UI design, vivid content performance

Make It As You Wish

Based on user requirements, customize various application interfaces for flexible configuration.
UI design | Functions | System | Applications

More To Explore

MDM Enhancement

MDM Enhancement

Combined with MDM.
provides functional services
like device management,
maintenance, and

Interface Customization

Interface Customization

Upgrades to the UI interface have been implemented UI interface upgrades, like theme color customization
wallpaper changing, different
device interface effect, etc.

System Innovation

System Innovation

Functional laboratory, develop
novel system functions based
on equipment use scenarios,
like resource scheduling, user
habit analysis, battery lab, etc.

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