How Telpo Leads the Way to Palm Pay?

Palm pay is a quick and easy way for people to pay with their palms and make payments. As it has a higher level of hygiene, convenience and security, paying with palm set off a new wave of payments. To deliver customers a fast and seamless payment experience, Telpo upgrades its kiosks.

Palm pay is a biometric technology that allows users to pay for goods and services by scanning their palms. Unlike other biometric methods, such as fingerprint or face recognition, paying with palm does not require physical contact or a device, making it more convenient and hygienic. Palm pay also offers high security and accuracy, as each person’s palmprint is unique and difficult to forge.

1.Ease of use
Users simply need to register their palms once and then scan them at any palm payment device to complete a transaction. After the simple registration process, users can complete the payment without the need to carry any cards, cash, or smart devices. Customers don’t have to either bring anything out or touch anything.

The palm payment device can identify and recognize the palm in seconds. This payment method saves the time of taking the wallet out, verification and operation. It can’t be faster for customers to make a contactless payment by just placing their hands above the palmprint payment device.

3.Secure and accurate
Each person’s palmprint is unique and difficult to forge. The sensors use infrared light to scan the palm veins, which are invisible to the naked eye and have a stable pattern throughout a person’s life. Therefore, palmprint payment offers high security and accuracy.

What scenarios can palm pay be applied in?
1. Retail
Retail scenarios like stores, supermarkets, and cafes are the places where palmprint payments are most commonly applied.. Palm pay can provide a contactless, no-need-to-carry equipment or items payment method and customers can complete the shopping and checkout process more quickly and efficiently.
For example, Tencent’s WeChat Pay has tested palm pay devices in some retail stores, allowing users to complete payments and receive offers simply by waving their palms in front of the device.
2. Hotel industry
Palm pay can provide a non-invasive biometric identification method to facilitate hotel guests in check-in, check-out, consumption, and other links for identity verification and payment authorization.
For example, Amazon’s Amazon One has launched a palm pay service in some hotels, where guests can use their palmprints as a room key, as well as make payments at shops and restaurants within the hotel.
3. Public transport
Palm pay can provide a highly secure payment method for passengers to pay and verify tickets on public transportation. Passengers can use palmprints to purchase or recharge transportation cards on the self-service machine, and can also use palmprints to check tickets on subway, bus, train and other transportation.
For example, WeChat Palm Payment was first launched in metro stations in Beijing, China. Passengers only need to find the palm payment machine with the ring logo, face the palm of the ring to the identification area, and start identifying. When the identification is complete, the ring turns green and the gate automatically opens. After leaving the station, the phone will receive a reminder of the charge.

Telpo, a global provider of smart terminals and solutions, has developed advanced terminals that integrate palm pay technology, enabling customers to enjoy a fast and seamless checkout experience. Telpo terminals can be deployed in various scenarios, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and transportation.

The Telpo K8 is a self-service kiosk with the function of palmprint recognition. The palmprint recognition module enables an effortless palm pay experience.
Advantages of the palmprint module of the Telpo K8
1. RGB+IR dual-lens camera: Swiftly verify palm veins and barcodes
2. Palmprint liveness detection: Prevent fraud and forgery
3. Fill light: Better lighting conditions, suitable for indoor and outdoor
4. 0-100000Lux environment: Front light, side light, backlight, etc.

Telpo Palm Verification Terminal, Telpo P105
The Telpo P105 is a 5.5-inch palm verification terminal that offers accurate contactless palm pay.
1. Accurate contactless palm pay: RGB+IR dual-lens camera, support palmprint liveness detection
2. Suitable for indoor and outdoor: fill light
3. Easier interactive operation: 5.5-inch multi-touch display for clear image preview
4. Cutting-edge performance: Octa-Core 2.0GHz Qualcomm processor
5. Rich interfaces: LTE/WCDMA/GPRS/WiFi/Bluetooth, GPS, USB, etc

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